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Over 80,000 volunteer writers across the globe donate their time to update and edit a Wikipedia page of the biggest free online encyclopedia. The encyclopedia has all types of information you can ever look for in the world today and since there is a lot of misinformation or error in grammar and other issues.

The internet needs Wikipedia editors. Most of these volunteers use their resources like time, internet connection, talent and many others and after all that they remain anonymous. If they happen to get credit for a good work done in most cases, their names are buried various links deep in the Encyclopedia. They work informally and will make a Wikipedia page without authority and end up producing almost accurate and highly reliable information used by millions of the internet users across the globe.

So far Wikipedia is 15 years old, it was started with just English version alone but today there are about 282 other versions. The encyclopedia has over 5 million articles which are updated daily and over 28 million active users who sacrifice their time daily to make the Wikipedia encyclopedia more informative, accurate and reliable.

According to research carried out to determine why many people are interested in adding information and it without getting a pay, 1310 articles were analyzed, and they found out that they were edited over 63000 times where new editors attracted other Wiki writers. If an article was edited once, it attracted more editors to review it, especially if new editors edited it. This is what has kept the encyclopedia growing daily and having a community to support its growth and to make it more relevant to the internet today.

When you create a Wiki page and expecting people will contribute and make it grow just like Wikipedia did it is more unlikely of the idea to be viable. Looking for a way to that will increase the content of your wiki will trigger its growth and make it more successful.  Stephan Seiler, the Wikipedia researcher, has suggested two ways by which you can start and built your wiki which is finding much content for your wiki before starting and later entice people who would become editors of your wiki. You can hire Wiki experts from a trusted site such as Get Your Wiki to make, edit or update Wiki pages for you.