Nathaniel Ru is Out for More than Just a Quick Buck

Nathaniel Ru is promoting healthy food, and his restaurant chain, Sweetgreen, has become the vehicle that he is using to take this concept to the new generations that wants to do healthy food differently. In order to get this concept of casual fast food (that is also healthy) out to the main stream he had to pick some interesting ways to promote the brand. Other entrepreneurs have been trying for years to promote healthy foods. Most of these entrepreneurs have failed. They have not been in a place where they could get the type of following that Sweetgreen has gained.


There is a reason that Nathaniel Ru has been successful enough to get lines that run outside of his door with Sweetgreen. He has an excellent marketing technique. Much of this involves his ability to pick the right neighborhood and the best locations for his restaurants. The ability to build a presence in the affluence neighborhoods has made him a real success. This is something that is different from the fast food restaurants that may be found just about anywhere.


Nathaniel Ru has placed some of his restaurants in places like Tribeca and Williamsburg. He has actually put Sweetgreen restaurants on the opposites streets of some of those fast food chains that are tempting customers with burgers and fries. That is the benefit of having a restaurant that is in a different location. People will not be tempted by the fast food spots. Potential customers do not have to try to pick between the healthy choices of Sweetgreen and the less than healthy choices of a McDonalds or Taco Bell.


The end result is that there are more customers that are going to seek this restaurant chain out. They have to because it is not clumped in together with everything else. From one perspective this could have easily become trouble. Nathaniel Ru could have alienated himself from the lunch crowds that would flock into these cheap restaurants. He would have the benefit of some stray traffic from customers that were simply tired of the dollar menu items if he built restaurants in close vicinity to other fast food establishments. On the other hand, he could gain much more than a lunch crowd if he set up shop in affluent neighborhoods. He gambled on this, and his risk paid off. Sweetgreen attracts lunch, dinner and weekend crowds in areas like Manhattan.

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