Securus Technologies Addresses GTL’S False Allegations

Securus Technologies is a service company dedicated to providing technology and service to inmates and ensuring that they get proper treatment in the prison and correction facilities. A few months ago the company released a press statement that pointed the errors and misleading information that Global Tel Link had stated about them to the general public. through their press release they wish to correct a couple of errors that were made and to tell the public how it went down.



According to GTL, they have received the mandate by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board to forge ahead with the patent so as to seek damages against Securus Technologies regarding to the lawsuits that they had made against the company. however, Securus discredit the information stating that these type of trials take so much time to heard by a board and that the GTL has no right nor authority to seek any damages from them.



GTL alleges that the injunction they are seeking will refrain Securus from using the video visitation technology if they are granted. The video visitation is a technology that will be used by inmates and their friends and family to make video calls and communicate during visit days instead of traveling to the facilities. Securus, however, corrects GTL by stating that by saying “if granted” means that there are no infringements as there will be no injunctions mandated to GTL.



The chief executive officer of Securus, Richard Smith adds that GTL is always publishing press releases that are inaccurate which he is forced to keep correcting them. he also advises the company that these lawsuits take up so much finances and time which could be focused on engaging in alliances and developing ideas that can be useful for both companies. There is so much to be gained than trying to weigh them down.


The Benefits of Investment Banks and working with Martin Lustgarten

Investment banks are able to offer the best financial services through their proper financial baking structure and plans. The structure of an investment bank can be split into three areas. Each are covers a particular section in banking. Through the three critical areas, investment banks can offer additional banking services. All these services fall under activities similar to banking services. The difference between an investment bank and a regular bank lies in the amount of investments. Investment banks are known to deal with people handling a lot of money and have a high net worth. There are many banking positions in an investment banking firm. One of the most important positions is that of the investment banker. The success of the investment bank lies in the working of the investment banker. He handles all the operations regarding the investment bank.

Martin Lustgarten is an example of an investment banker who works for his company. He found a market gap in the industry at the time of the great recession. During this period, many people found it a big challenge to retire. Through the advice and help of Martin Lustgarten, many people can retire at peace. Martin Lustgarten has created an international investment plan for his clients in different parts of the world. Martin has dual citizenship and is both Venezuelan and an Austrian Citizen. His dual citizenship has been the reason for his success in business. It has enabled him to invest in different countries. The result is that he has reduced the risk of political instability and economic depression that are usually associated with one country.

Martin knows that every investment he undertakes as necessary. He can observe the current market trends and to act just at the right time. He has always considered the future and growth of his company. Many investors come to him for advice on financial markets. He advises several people on investment tips, especially about formulating a proper retirement plan. Martin has maintained several international portfolios. He has used this as a strategy to grow his business and expand his wealth. Martin’s tips have assisted investors to explore several lucrative opportunities in the future.

An In-depth Look into Research Career of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a proficient scientist who has an excellent record of accomplishment in the scientific world. His research works focus on progressing cancer research, treatment, and management of cancer patients. He enlightens students at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute on topics such as oncology and Anti-aging Medicine. More than 300 scientific papers authored by Blagosklonny have been published in open-source journals. His papers account for more than 25,000 citations and, thus, his h-index is 83.

Education and work background

Blagosklonny is a graduate of the St. Petersburg-located First Pavlov State Medical University. He holds a postgrad in internal medicine and doctorate’s degree in experiment medicine and cardiology on He has served as an associate professor and senior researcher at several institutions of higher learning and research institutes. Blagosklonny became an associate professor at New York Medical College responsible for teaching medicine in 2002. Blagosklonny joined Ordway Research Institute located in Albany, New York as a senior scientist and served in the same post until 2009 when he joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a full professor of oncology.

Research interest

Mikhail Blagosklonny concentrates on using his research skills and innovation to solve challenges that face humanity. He dreams of a safe and peaceful world that is free of illness. He researches in areas such as cancer, cancer medications that do not harm healthy cells, mechanism of aging, and anti-aging medicines. Blagosklonny emphasizes the need to exploit cancer cell cycling as well as drug resistance for the discriminatory protection of healthy cells, and he has extended this concept to aging and other age-related disorders. He developed a hypothesis regarding the possibility of using rapamycin in life extension. He strongly believes rapamycin can serve as a life extension medication.

Authorship and editorial work

Blagosklonny has written several research papers at, including hyper-function theory of aging and anti-cancer strategies such as cell cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. He serves as Cell Cycle’s chief editor and co-editor of Oncotarget and Oncoscience. He is also the founder of Oncotarget. Blagosklonny was an associate editor for Cancer Research, Cancer Biology & Therapy, Cell Death and Differentiation, the American Journal of Pathology, as well as PLOS ONE.