Making Easy Money And Great Friends With Traveling Vineyard

Direct marketing sales companies are some of the most popular ways for people to earn an extra income. There are many different companies, and products, to choose from in this sector of shopping.

The Traveling Vineyard is a great way to make easy money and great friends. The business representatives are Wine Guides. The company offers great training and online programs so that these guides are knowledgeable about the wines they are marketing. The kits they use to do their presentations include everything that is needed, including several different wines to taste. There is no inventory needed as the company ships the bottles ordered directly to the customer.

The company offers various opportunities for their representatives to meet other local reps. They also have several events on a national level. These events include new training seminars, awards events, and other exciting opportunities. The events are held at various locations.

This helps increase the earning potential of every marketing representative. The initial start up cost is under $200. After this, the only costs are the monthly website fee and replacing the tasting set. The website fee is free for the first three months and this under $20 a month. This fee is usually paid for with the first online transaction of the month. The tasting set fee is $75, however if you have a qualifying event the next set is free. There are no membership fees or other hidden fees associated with becoming a Wine Guide.

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