Jim Tananbaum; Helping Bring Healthcare Solutions to the Masses

Jim Tananbaum is the founding CEO of Foresite Capital. He gave an interview on Ideamensch. He said that Foresite is helping to usher in the new crop of healthcare companies that will excel in the future. Jim said that he realized healthcare companies required more time and more capital. It would take a dedicated venture capital to help them succeed. Foresite observes and analyzes the industry to identify what advancements are required the most. This helps them to know the prospects that will be the most viable in the long term. Check out Business profile to know more.

Tananbaum said that his day is usually spent taking calls, viewing company presentations, and discussing portfolio companies. He pointed out that his family was his highest priority. He made sure that he had dinner with them each day. He explained that the habit that made him most productive was his love for learning. This leads him to seek out the best solutions that inform the decisions he makes. Tananbaum said that he was excited about the future of healthcare because of the potential to solve some of the biggest problems. Jim stated that it would be possible for blood to be sequenced so that disease prevention could be done early.

Tananbaum explained that he has never had a bad job. He said that partners were supposed to complement each other so that they could be more productive in the long run. Tananbaum stated that there was a need for more entrepreneurs with great ideas. He noted that many people could approach venture capitalists to discuss high-quality ideas in the early stage.

Tananbaum has worked at some of the top healthcare companies in the past including Theravance and GelTex Pharmaceuticals. Jim has a Computer Science degree from Yale University and a Medical degree from Harvard University. Tananbaum has been involved in more than twenty investments in successful healthcare firms such as Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup. Tananbaum started Foresite Capital Management in 2010 to invest in innovative healthcare companies. Some of the healthcare companies that they have invested in include Aimmune Therapeutics, Intarcia Therapeutics, and Aerie Pharmaceuticals. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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