Securus Technologies Battling Gang Wars in Prison

In the last few years of working as a corrections officer inside the state prison, I have seen the gang population explode. Not only do we have more gang members, we have more gangs to separate. If the gangs are not separated by affiliation, then we have to deal with more violence than we are prepared to handle. We discovered that when the gangs are separated, as long as you give them a degree of respect, peace can be maintained inside these prison walls.


Even when we have the gangs separated, there are situations that can trigger violent episodes. One of these things is drugs, and these drugs cause more problems that we care to deal with. Drugs not only make inmates more violent, they can be used to force low-level gang members to sell to inmates, making the problem go from a few inmates to the entire prison population. In the past, we have used a number of resources in the jail to control drugs, like opening mail, searching guests, and cell inspections. None of these have had such a major impact as the inmate telephone monitoring system.


Our jail commissioned Securus Technologies to place their call monitoring system in our jail to help curb gang violence. Before we learned how to use the LBS software, we had no idea what type of impact the system was going to have on the problem. Securus Technologies is installed in thousands of prisons, and all the employees and CEO of the company are dedicated to the company objective of making the world a safer place to live. As soon as we started utilizing this resource, we heard inmates talking about where drugs were hidden, who is getting the drugs to the prison, how they get them, and who is ordering other inmates sell drugs.


Video visiting from Securus makes visitation days easier

Visiting days with my husband are much easier than they used to be. I wake my daughter up early, get her dressed, and I ask her what she plans to say to her father. Her father made a mistake a few years ago. He got caught robbing a home for drug money a few years ago. I did not know about his drug addiction then, and I am cautious now. Even though I am cautious now, I am going to give him another chance. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.


In any case, the time for the visit arrives. We go to the computer, start up some software that is like Skype, and I wait from the incoming phone call from Securus Technologies. I don’t have to get my daughter ready, take the long car ride, and expose her to the noisy environment of the prison’s visiting room any more. This process used to take a long time. In fact, the prison no longer allows in-prison visitation since they installed the video visitation platforms. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but I suppose it reduces the chance of drugs and cell phones getting into the inmates. The rates are reasonable and the cost of the calls is much less than the cost of gas for the trip.


After my husband was sentenced, I looked up the firms that offer inmates communications services. Many of them overcharge the families of prisoners for collect calls. Securus is trying to help keep the costs down. It has even gone after other companies for price gouging. I do not follow all f the news about the companies that provide collect call services to correctional facilities. I am paying more attention to these stories than they used to, but for the moment, I am glad someone is keeping the families of inmates in mind.

Securus Technologies Addresses GTL’S False Allegations

Securus Technologies is a service company dedicated to providing technology and service to inmates and ensuring that they get proper treatment in the prison and correction facilities. A few months ago the company released a press statement that pointed the errors and misleading information that Global Tel Link had stated about them to the general public. through their press release they wish to correct a couple of errors that were made and to tell the public how it went down.



According to GTL, they have received the mandate by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board to forge ahead with the patent so as to seek damages against Securus Technologies regarding to the lawsuits that they had made against the company. however, Securus discredit the information stating that these type of trials take so much time to heard by a board and that the GTL has no right nor authority to seek any damages from them.



GTL alleges that the injunction they are seeking will refrain Securus from using the video visitation technology if they are granted. The video visitation is a technology that will be used by inmates and their friends and family to make video calls and communicate during visit days instead of traveling to the facilities. Securus, however, corrects GTL by stating that by saying “if granted” means that there are no infringements as there will be no injunctions mandated to GTL.



The chief executive officer of Securus, Richard Smith adds that GTL is always publishing press releases that are inaccurate which he is forced to keep correcting them. he also advises the company that these lawsuits take up so much finances and time which could be focused on engaging in alliances and developing ideas that can be useful for both companies. There is so much to be gained than trying to weigh them down.


Secured Technologies announces launch of Investigator Pro

Securus Technologies is dedicated to providing top notch communications solutions to incarcerated inmates throughout the world. For years, they have been committed to delivering the most advanced services with the highest quality of technology that the industry has to offer. They are proud to announce the recent release of Investigator Pro 4.0 by JLG Technologies. The new software allows investigators the ability to sort through voice samples and find matches from within the facility as well as outside sources. The software allows the voice samples to be searched through a series of phone calls to find the right match. The software is highly intelligent and really helps investigators to get to the bottom of the issue. It can also help prevent gang related crimes and help them to be stopped before they are ever started. Other pretentious situations that can become dangerous will be flagged as well. They will be able to tell whether or not an incarcerated inmate has communications with inmates that have been released as well as what they’re saying to outside parties.


 Secures Technologies has taken great pride in the services they provide to the correctional facility industries. They provide many services all throughout the region and are responsible for serving over 3400 public safety officials and over a million incarcerated inmates. They help them to connect with their loved ones and family members with many different options available. Their main headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. They have other offices through the states and work hard to deliver the utmost quality experience for the correctional facility officers as well as the inmates and will continue to do so for many years.