Copa Star, a 5 Stars Hospital that Seeks to Drive Excellence and Technology in Health Practice

I must admit, Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro will win ‘The Hospital of the Year Award’ any day. The hospital is for sure a marvel with many easily confusing it for a first-star hospital. With the stressing and traumatizing hospital experience, Copa Star is trying to change around things and incorporate luxury, comfort, and technology into the equation. For those who have the means to afford the experience, Copa Star ought to be the next destination in all matters health.

Copa Star is situated in Copacabana, Figueiredo Magalhães Street. The ultra-modern facility hospital is constructed on a 10,000 m² footprint and supports five floors with 45 ICU, 105 rooms, 150 beds, a diagnostic center, and nine ultra-modern operating rooms. Copa Star, an enterprise venture of Rede D’Or São Luiz is a revolution and a benchmark for the upcoming health facilities.

A quick view of the facility shows that the hospital has a beautiful and welcoming architecture and decorations befitting that of a hospital. Into the building, you will find a piano and many artistic works of artist Yutaka Toyota in a room. This is a perfect gateway for art lovers. In addition to this, you will find lots of art books that will help take your mind off a hospital environment and give you comfort. The facility has used citrus and woody notes to create unique fragrances that characterize the whole facility. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The other thing you will not miss when in the hospital is the restaurant area. Although it is a hospital setting, Copa Star didn’t stop at anything when it comes to their guest’s meals. The hospital’s menu has been prepared the Michelin Guide star, French Chef Roland Villard, and the Cuisine prepared by Swiss Steve Moreillon.

Saving the best for the last, Copa Star medical facilities are the best in the world and arguably the reason why the new hospital facility is fondly referred to as the hospital of the future. Some of the notable features in the hospital are the hybrid surgical centers. Take note; the surgical rooms are well equipped with technology that can allow the physician to carry out medical examination during the surgery process. The other feature is the inpatient rooms. These rooms are fully automated to ensure that an inpatient gets nothing short of comfort. The mattresses are fitting enough to accommodate a patient’s body. The rooms also have an automation system whereby the patient can control everything from lighting, curtains, and air conditioning from the comfort of the bed.

Copa Star is the hospital for the future. In addition to its state of the art equipment and fancy decoration, the hospital also employs able physicians and care givers to ensure that your health and that of your loved ones is handled in the best way possible. View the design at